How to be more productive when you work from home 

How to be more productive when you work from home 

Having mental clarity and steering clear of distractions are key to successfully working form home. To ensure that you are at your most productive whatever your working environment, we have a range of courses and Ebooks to help you to perform at your best. In the meantime, here are some tips to make your working environment at home more productive. 

 1. Choose a dedicated workspace 

Make a mental distinction between places in the home where you relax and work. Rather than sitting on the sofa or day, or even in bed with your laptop, make a designated working area. This means you will have a specific area in the home which you will mentally associate with work and focus and you will also have places which you associate with downtime and relaxing for when the working day is done. 

2. Structure your day 

Having a structure to your day helps with productivity. Set an alarm for a certain time and commit to being ready at your desk at the same time every day. Streamline your morning routine so that you are awake, fed and dressed for a days work even if you are not leaving the house. Similarly schedule in a lunch hour and go for a walk or do something relaxing to unwind as well as trying to finish at the same time every day and avoid the temptation to carry on working into the night which will only disrupt your routine and make you tired for the next day. 

3. Find out when you are most productive

Are you a morning person or a night owl? If you know that you struggle in the mornings, dedicate your mornings to easier tasks such as admin and replying to emails and use the afternoon to focus on specific projects. Vice versa if you know that you are more productive in the morning, wake up early and tackle the hardest jobs of the day first and even treat yourself to finishing early if you have managed to get all of your work done before the day is over. 

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October 21, 2016

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